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300 Smith Street

apartment alkira_cavalleroNow we at Apartment Alkira don’t approve of dead animal heads (or other body parts) nailed to walls, but we do rather like the rest of the aesthetic at this cool Collingwood cafe/bar.  Cavallero is a large warehouse-space designed cleverly to feel buzzy and happening rather than cold and cavernous – an effect which might have been brought about under less experienced hands.

The lunch and dinner menus offer some lovely interesting bits and pieces but brekky can be a bit dull.  This doesn’t, however, stop a long line of hungry ‘would-be’ diners from snaking up Smith Street on weekend mornings.

For a bit of comfort lunchtime eating we love the chicken schnitzel sandwich with a fabulous coleslaw on gorgeous Baker D Chirico bread.  Yum.  A minor bug-bear is their lack of sweet treats whenever we go, but they might just hide them when they see our ample girths waddling through the front doors. If you’re heading to Cavallero from Melbourne’s shortstay apartment Alkira in the CBD, you’ll need to jump on tram 86 from Bourke Street and get off at the corner of Johnson and Smith Sts – about a 10 min trip.

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More encouragement to over-feed yourself in Melbourne by Apartment Alkira, Melbourne’s grooviest shortstay CBD Apartment.

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